Cloud Storage


Cloud storage can serve as a backup or just a place for you to share stuff with family and friends. For example I have a Dropbox account I share my work computer with my home computer. That way if I need to work on a file at home I drop it into the Dropbox folder at work and when I turn on my home computer the file shows up and I’m ready to go.

With my OneDrive account I use that mainly for photos. After a family get-together I upload my pictures and send family members an email with the link. They can then click the link which will bring them online to view or download the photos to their own computer. Works real sweet.

Here are some highlights from these Cloud Storage services.

Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage. By referring others you can upgrade your storage up to 16GB. There are pricing plans if you need more storage.
Just signup for Dropbox and download the app and you are ready to go. Dropbox is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire.
Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers, which Dropbox then synchronizes so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same contents) regardless of which computer is used to view it. Files placed in this folder also are accessible through a website and mobile phone applications.

OneDrive-624SkyDrive is now OneDrive (officially Microsoft OneDrive) offers 7GB of free storage. Pricing plans are available for upgraded storage. Like Dropbox you can sync your files on many devices including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It is part of the Windows Live range of online services and allows users to keep the files private, share them with contacts, or make the files public. Publicly shared files do not require a Microsoft account to access.

OneDrive also includes Office Web Apps. You can upload, create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents directly within a Web Browser, this includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents.

Showcase your photos. Upload your photos via a browser or if you have the OneDrive app installed on your computer just drag the photos to that folder and they will be uploaded and available as online slide shows that you can share with friends or family.

Google Drive & Google+GoogleDrive
Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage. If you have a gmail account you already have access to Google Drive. It is the home of Google Docs, an office suite of productivity applications, that offer collaborative editing on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Files shared publicly on Google Drive can be searched with web search engines.

Use Google+ to store and share your photos.  You have control over how you share your photos. With your Android, iPhone or iPad device you can auto backup your photos to your Google+ account on the go. Adding photos from your computer using the Chrome browser is as easy as drag and drop to create a new album. Google+ photos also offers many enhancement tools to make your pictures look even better. Check out this link to see the features of Google+.

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