Working with Pictures in Publisher


The correct way to crop and resize photos in MS Publisher

The instructions below describe how to work with pictures in Publisher 2007

There are times when I find pictures in MicroSoft Publisher files just don’t look right. The photos or graphics look distorted and the people look either too thin or too fat.

Here are a few tips on how to keep them in perspective.


So lets take a look at how to resize or crop those photos.

Once your photos are placed and you need to resize to fit a particular area. There are two ways to do this. Resize, Crop or both.

Let’s look at how to resize.
To resize a photo click the photo to select. Using your mouse select one of the four corners and while holding down the shift key, drag. This way your picture will resize without distorting it.


Now if you need to crop.
Select your photo and a tool bar should pop up. Select the crop tool.


Now you will see a cropping box around your picture.
By dragging any of the handles you can crop your photo without distorting your picture.

Now your pictures will be picture perfect.