Making PDF’s with bleed in InDesign

How to make PDF’s from your InDesign Files using the export function.

If your art has bleed (When any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page, extending beyond the trim edge, leaving no margin it is said to bleed. It may bleed or extend off one or more sides. Photos, rules, clip art, and decorative text elements can bleed off the page.)
The first thing you must do is set bleed in your document


Do this by opening your Document Setup window located under File/Document Setup. In the lower portion of the window you will see Bleed and Slug. Add 0.125 in in all four boxes. If you don’t see this click More Options on the right side.

On your document you will see a red rule. This is the bleed area. Make sure you pull your graphic out to this red rule.

Now you are ready to export to PDF. Select File/Export and the following dialog box will open.


Under Format select Adobe PDF (Print) then click Save
Now we fine tune the PDF.


For the Preset select (High Quality Print) or (Press Quality)
Next in the left column go to Marks and Bleeds.
You want to select Crop Marks and Bleed marks the others are optional. Below under Bleed and Slug check Use Document Bleed Settings. It will pull in the settings you set in step 1.
Thats it! Your PDF out put should have bleed and crop marks and your graphic will extend 0.125 past the crop area.