Full Color Digital Printing Reaches New Heights

Centennial Printing would like to introduce you to our latest acquisition the Canon 10000. Realizing the need for on demand full color printing we again have gone to Canon for their top of the line digital press. After using the Canon 10000 for more than a year, it has more than exceeded our requirements for high quality, on demand printing services while saving our customers cost and time.

There was a time when quality full color printing was only obtainable by offset printing. Times have changed. Canon has changed that with their new Color Production Digital Press. Being in the printing industry for over 50 years we have seen many changes. Nothing has impacted  full color printing more than Digital Presses.

Centennial Printing has change too. We have been using Digital Presses for many years. The addition of the Canon 800 Digital Press has taken us to a new level in quality, service and reduction of costs to our customers.

Allow us to quote on your full color printing projects and experience the difference in quality and price.

RGB vs. CMYK color


When designing your piece make sure you use CMYK color. Adobe’s InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop allow you to set the color space in either CMYK or RGB. Microsoft Publisher also has a setting (though the default is RGB). Word processing programs are set to RGB and usually can’t be changed. So when printing from these types of programs remember the colors will shift.
Use CMYK on all printing needs, as the color will appear differently if printed in RGB. Continue Reading →